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Subjective relativity

Pseudopangaian's view

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I'm young, stupid, not ignorant but have a lousy memory, which, really, is uncomfortably close to being ignorant and pretty much equals to being stupid.

My username should be Pseudopangaian as being cynical and frustrated (something that I do in steady intervals) doesn't promote understanding or good will... But I do my best and letting out some steam every now and then is honest (and undoubtedly healthy as well). Furthermore, I do have my Amélie-like days when I'm all excited about my avocado seed finally sprouting, blowing dandelion seeds while taking the dog out or smiling half a day because a familiar and characteristic expression on a friend's face.

I like to read, I love nature, I'm stubbornly interested in politics and history even though I don't think I have the brains (and memory) for them, I buy too much (second hand) books, I'm keen on studying languages at my own pace and according to my own wavering interests.

I suppose my journal will mostly consist of my clumsy attempts to brush up my French and Swedish, general ranting, some superficial thoughts triggered by quotations or news, books that I've read. Feel free to add me if you're at all interested in the same things (or if you update in Swedish or French, I need to get my hands on some short-ish texts dealing with a variety of topics and in "normal" register...).

P.S. I don't speak Russian and thus won't add journals written in the language.

Pakenen kylmää maailmaa, pelkään lähteä tanssimaan
Alastomana naamiaisissa
Taas etsin puvun kuluneen, karhun turkin kynsineen
Se on sopivan kokoinen

//Ref// Tanssia jos osaisin, itkemäänkin oppisin
Siihen asti elän karhun elämää
Luokseni jos tulisit ja joskus silmiin katsoisit
voisin vierellesi jäädä lepäämään

On kahdenlaisia ihmisiä: karhuja ja niiden metsästäjiä
Molemmat ovat petoja
Jos karhun tuntee sisällään, sen kanssa pitää oppia elämään
Ja paeta kylmää maailmaa


Tässä puvussa hikoilen, joskus iltaisin rukoilen
että maailma olisi parempi paikka karhulle